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~ Rapunzel, Rapunzel... Let Down Your Hair ~

When Will My Life Begin?

6 July
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Wonderin' and Wonderin'...
Disney's Tangled
Age: 18
Timeline: just after leaving the Snuggly Duckling
When Will My Life Begin?
❦ Rapunzel is undoubtedly an extremely sweet, thoughtful young lady. She’s a dreamer and a hopeless romantic at heart, and all she really wants in life so far is to have her one wish to leave the tower (even for just a little while) be granted. She’s also loyal and loving to a fault, as all her life she’s obeyed her mother without complaint, in spite of her own desires. She believes wholeheartedly that her mother is simply being a good mother and is looking out for her well-being. Because of this, she decides that this one adventure outside of the tower is better off happening without her mother’s knowledge. Still, it fills her with deep regret to think she’s done something that could break her heart so extensively; she prefers to keep her promises and never ever break them. All forms of love are a big deal to her, as she received it from her mother in such abundance; the very idea of it not being real is foreign and strange to her, and her heart would all but shatter to learn otherwise.

❦ Being trapped in the top of a tower for a solid 18 years does things to a girl. For example, she must find lots of hobbies to busy herself with: cooking, baking, chores, reading, various forms of art, dancing, etc. As such, she’s come out extremely quirky, filled with creativity and imagination, playfulness, idealism… and some minor delusional paranoia about what the outside world is like (which is all thanks to her loving mother). All her life she was led to believe that the world was terrifying and filled with horrible people and things, so she was extremely jumpy upon first setting foot outside the tower, prone to bashing anything that moved over the head with a frying pan. However, she adjusts fairly quickly after learning the truth and becomes ready to all but embrace the world and all its beauty. She is easily carried away by her own enthusiasm and her love for life, so when she’s thrilled about something it shows even if she tries to hide it.

❦ Over the years she’s become a true artist: every inch of space on the walls inside her tower is covered with paintings of anything Rapunzel could manage. From star charts to portraits to a grand depiction of the floating lights she so longs to see, she’s created an extremely impressive gallery for herself. This of course leads her to be drawn to anything that’s aesthetically pleasing, and inspiration for a sketch or two could hit her at any given moment. It also makes her a huge dork; she loves every kind of art and books of every genre… any activity that passes the time is a great activity to her. She can hardly even imagine the possibilities that would be open if she was able to go outdoors, which makes the world all the more exciting to her.

❦ Although she’s never been out in the world before and is therefore extremely naïve and somewhat gullible, that doesn’t mean Rapunzel’s stupid. Far from it: in spite of her limited education Rapunzel is very smart. She’s a fast learner, and she’s fully capable of recognizing danger and acting accordingly. Being shut in for so long has made her yearn and crave for all the knowledge she’s missed out on, and once she’s set free she’s bound to be like a sponge. She finds means of defending herself quickly enough and continues to learn and grow from all her new experiences. Any kind of change, while terrifying, is something that Rapunzel would welcome. It may take a few reflexive frying pans to the head, but she’s been “stuck in the same place” for so long that deep in her soul she longs for anything that would break the cycle. Though she’s naturally very friendly and sweet, meeting new people is still a strange and extremely awkward situation for her, bound to be coupled with lots of fidgeting, suspicion, and anxious laughter. After all, she only had a chameleon and a mother to talk to for 18 years. However, she warms up to people quite quickly once she sees that they don’t have pointy teeth or are after her hair (and once she’s been separated from her frying pan). That said, she doesn’t take all that kindly to being mocked or taken advantage of: she can and will lash out in whatever way she can.

❦ Her hair is very important to her. She was taught from a young age about its magical properties, and so she is very protective of it. She hardly sees it as a nuisance that impedes her ability to move around – though that may only be because she’s never left the tower and has only ever had so much room to walk in. Nonetheless, she uses it in many different ways: climbs it, wraps herself in it, hides things in/behind it, pulls things toward her with it, swings around on it, etc. It’s extremely sturdy, probably because it’s magical, and life for Rapunzel just wouldn’t be the same without all 70 feet of its length.

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